Industrial Heaters

Flexible Heaters

Flexible anti-condensation heaters, commonly referred as Space Heaters are used in motor applications to prevent the formation of condensation inside electric motors. Condensation can occur when a motor is subjected to temperature changes, especially in humid environments. These heaters are designed to provide a low-level, constant heat source that helps maintain the motor’s temperature above the dew point, preventing the accumulation of moisture. They are typically made of a flexible material with integrated heating elements, such as silicone or kapton, and can be easily wrapped around the motor components.

By keeping the motor warm and dry, these heaters help prevent corrosion, insulation degradation, and other potential issues caused by moisture buildup. Overall, flexible anti-condensation heaters play a crucial role in maintaining the reliability and longevity of electric motors, particularly in environments where humidity and temperature fluctuations are significant.

We take immense pride in saying that “We are one of the first manufacturers of Flexible Heaters in India”. Since then, we have been one of the leading manufacturers for over the last 4 decades.

We offer these flexible heaters with a wide range of power ratings. These heaters are covered with fiberglass sleeves and come with Class F or H insulation thus providing highest thermal conductivity. 

We are fully prepared for the customization of heater specifications and ratings in accordance with the specific demands of our customers, which can vary across diverse applications.

Tube Heaters

Tube heaters are employed in motor applications to provide precise and uniform heating to specific components or areas of electric motors. These heaters consist of a cylindrical tube made of heat-conductive materials like ceramic or metal, housing a heating element that generates heat through electrical current.

Their primary use is preheating motor windings, bearings, or critical parts before motor startup. By delivering direct heat to these components, tube heaters reduce friction, enhance efficiency, and minimize wear and tear. Additionally, they can be utilized for temperature maintenance in cold motor operating conditions. Tube heaters play a crucial role in optimizing motor performance, prolonging motor lifespan, and ensuring reliable operation across diverse motor applications.

We also manufacture tube heaters that are used in wind turbine generators and for other numerous applications. We specialize in offering various types of tube heaters such as U-shaped, W-shaped, Fin-type tube heater, and H Shape.

Moreover, we manufacture Dew Heaters which are used in motors, generators or alternators which is made up of a heating element enclosed in a stainless steel tube. This type of heaters is easier to use and fit in the associated slot.

Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters are utilized in motor applications to offer targeted and regulated heating to specific areas or components of electric motors. These heaters consist of a cylindrical heating element, typically encased in a metal sheath, comprising high-resistance wire.

Cartridge heaters are commonly employed to sustain optimal temperatures in critical motor components such as bearings, shafts, or nozzles. By supplying focused heat to these regions, they aid in enhancing performance, reducing friction, and preventing issues like cold starts or overheating.

The insertion of cartridge heaters into motor cavities or drilled holes ensures efficient heat transfer and is adaptable to various motor applications, as they come in different sizes and wattages.

Cartridge heaters play a crucial role in maintaining motor efficiency, dependability, and lifespan by delivering localized heating in motor applications.

We manufacture ROHS certified Cartridge heaters with a wide range of power and temperature ratings which can even be tailored according to customer needs

Temperature Sensors​

Resistance Temperature Detector​

A Resistance Temperature Detector(RTD) is used in motor applications to measure and monitor the temperature of critical components within electric motors. An RTD consists of a temperature-sensitive element, typically made of platinum, whose electrical resistance changes with temperature.

RTDs are frequently employed to provide precise temperature readings in motor windings, bearings, or other sensitive locations. Motor operators can ensure that the motor performs within safe temperature ranges by monitoring the temperature, avoiding overheating and any damage. RTDs play a vital role in motor applications by facilitating temperature monitoring and control, contributing to the efficient operation, reliability, and longevity of electric motors.

We have been one of leading manufacturers of temperature sensors for the past three decades which are used in the motor industry, control panels, switchboards thus having extensive experience in the field . We offer a wide range of different types of RTDs which includes 2/3/4/6 Wire Simplex/Duplex RTD along with Slot type and Washer type RTD for switchboard applications.

Moreover, we are open and fully equipped to manufacture any new type of RTDs required by the customer according to its respective drawing.

Bearing Temperature Detector​

Bearing temperature detectors (BTD) are used in motor applications to closely monitor the temperature of bearings in electric motors. These detectors are designed to provide continuous temperature measurement and monitoring during motor operation.

BTDs are equipped with temperature sensors, such as thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), placed near the bearings. These sensors detect temperature changes and send the information to a monitoring system or controller.

By keeping a close eye on bearing temperatures, BTDs help identify potential issues like excessive heat buildup. This information allows for timely maintenance and preventive measures, bearing temperature detectors play a critical role in motor applications by providing real-time temperature monitoring of bearings, enabling proactive maintenance and ensuring the reliability and longevity of the motor. reducing the risk of bearing failure and ensuring smooth motor operation.

We manufacture different types of BTD for motor industry, control panels and switchboard applications. We are also open to design and manufacture different kinds of BTD for diverse applications and industries according to the customer demands.

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